AXIS Rack Solution


AXIS Rack Solution helps large, surveillance installations manage Axis video servers in a professional environment.

The solution consists of a 19-inch AXIS Video Server Rack, and any combination of AXIS 240Q, AXIS 241Q and AXIS 241S Blade Video Servers. 

Designed for improved serviceability and quick replacement of units, the rack holds up to 12 interchangeable and hot-swappable blades, so there is no need to power down when installing or changing blades. The AXIS Rack Solution combines high reliability and functionality with quick, flexible and professional installation.

AXIS Video Server Rack

The AXIS Video Server Rack is a 19-inch rack that provides 12 slots for the Axis blade video servers. The rack provides network, serial communication and I/O connectors at the rear of each slot, and a common power supply for the blade video servers.


  • Quick and professional installation of various video servers in the same rack
  • Expandable system, simply by adding blades and wiring up
  • Integrated power supply for easy installation/expansion, and easy addition of back-up power solutions
  • Higher density of video channels compared with stand-alone solutions
  • Improved serviceability and trouble-free unit replacement

Blade Video Servers 
Channels 4 4 1 1
Video Motion JPEG Motion JPEG MPEG-4 Motion JPEG MPEG-4 MPEG-2
Max frame rate/ channel 6/5
Video motion detection yes yes yes no
Alarm inputs/
4/4 4/4 4/4 4/1
PTZ support yes yes yes yes
HTTPS yes yes yes no
Audio support no no no yes

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