AXIS 240Q Video Servers

Digital benefits for
analog surveillance systems

The AXIS 240Q Video Server is designed for surveillance applications. It provides easy integration with traditional analog systems, ensuring a smooth migration toward an IP solution.

The AXIS 240Q digitizes analog video into crisp, real-time Motion JPEG video streams at a maximum frame rate of 6/5 frames per second on each channel independent of resolution.

Combining your analog camera investments with a network video solution gives you a flexible and cost-effective solution with plenty of room for growth. With an open standard interface, the AXIS 240Q supports a large base of existing applications and integrate easily with new ones.

The AXIS 240Q offers advanced event handling with video motion detection, I/O control and alarm notification. Pan/tilt/zoom cameras may be connected to the unit's serial port and are easily controlled from a user interface. Security features include multiple user access levels with password protection, IP address filtering and HTTPS encryption.

The AXIS 240Q can connect up to four analog cameras and transmit digital video from all four channels simultaneously via an Ethernet connection. 

For surveillance installations that require many AXIS 240Q units, the blade version of the video server is available for use with the AXIS Rack Solution.


Front view                                 Back view


  • High quality, de-interlaced video at 30 (NTSC) or 25 (PAL) frames per second per channel
  • Simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 streams 
  • Multiple resolutions and compression levels
  • Advanced event handling includes built-in video motion detection with multiple ways of notification via e-mail, TCP and HTTP, and video uploading via e-mail, FTP and HTTP
  • 4 freely configurable alarm inputs and 4 outputs
  • 9 MB pre/post alarm memory per channel
  • Support for dome cameras and Pan/Tilt/Zoom devices, uploadable PTZ drivers
  • Integrated two-way audio support (241QA/SA)
  • HTTPS encryption for network security
  • Powerful Application Programming Interface (API) for software integration, including AXIS VAPIX and AXIS Media Control SDK
  • Image customization with text, time/date and image overlay
  • SNMP (SNMPv1/v2c/v3 MIB-II) support for network management
  • Support up to 20 simultaneous viewers (unlimited with MPEG-4 multicast)



Application possibilities
The AXIS 241Q/QA/S/SA is ideal for security surveillance and demanding remote monitoring needs. It can be integrated with other systems such as access control and intrusion detection.

Government: Security for buildings and people. Law enforcement. 

Banking & finance: Security for buildings and people. Law enforcement.  

Education: Protect school building and equipment from vandalism and theft; improve safety for staff and students.

Retail: Surveillance of shopping centers and malls. Security for buildings and people. Consumer behavior research. Law enforcement.  

Airport and train station surveillance. Monitoring of flight arrivals in airport terminal building. Monitoring the traffic flow on highways. Law enforcement. 

Industrial: Monitor manufacturing lines, industrial and pharmaceutical processes, automation, warehouse and stock control systems. 


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