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AXIS 230 MPEG-2 
Network Camera

Live, full resolution MPEG-2 video 
over your network

The AXIS 230 MPEG-2 Network Camera provides advanced features for demanding security and surveillance applications.

The AXIS 230 delivers 30/25 frames per second of DVD-quality video and synchronized audio over IP networks. It's also an infrared-sensitive camera that is able to provide color video under light conditions, and black and white video under dark conditions. The AXIS 230 is ideal for installations that require round-the-clock, high quality video and audio, such as traffic monitoring and airport surveillance.

Other target groups that can benefit from the combination of full frame rate and DVD-quality video and audio include casinos, as well as organizations working with LAN-based education, such as hospitals and universities.

Video and audio compression with MPEG-2 enables the AXIS 230 to combine the highest quality video and audio with relatively low bandwidth consumption.

  • Delivers 30/25 frames per second of DVD quality video and synchronized audio over IP networks

  • IR-sensitive day/night camera

  • Powerful, 18x optical zoom lens (remotely controllable) and 12x digital zoom

  • Four different resolutions up to 720x576 and seven different quality levels

  • Built-in microphone (one-way audio from camera to viewer) and support for external audio devices

  • Audio level alarm (alert based on sound level picked up by the camera's microphone)

  • Support for multicasting over a local area network for unlimited number of simultaneous viewers

  • Support for third-party pan/tilt devices

  • Two control inputs (alarm) and one output


For the complete specifications, please refer to the datasheet.

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