AXIS 212 PTZ Network Camera

A whole new definition of PTZ

The AXIS 212 PTZ is no ordinary PTZ. Itís the only PTZ network camera that provides full overview, and instant, one-click pan/tilt/zoom -  with maintained sharp image resolution. And itís all done without moving parts, so thereís no wear and tear. In short, itís a whole new definition of PTZ.

These distinguishing features make a unique combination:

  • Full overview

  • Instant pan/tilt/zoom

  • No moving parts

  • Resolution - Sharp and maintained




Perfect for indoor video surveillance

The AXIS 212 PTZ is perfect for indoor surveillance of premises up to 150 m2/1600ft2, such as shops, reception areas, banks, server rooms and other places where you need to see the whole area and have the possibility to zoom in for detailed inspection and monitoring.

Power over Ethernet

Support for Power over Ethernet allows the camera to receive both data and power over a single Ethernet cable - which makes the installation easier and cheaper. If connected to a central Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the camera can continue to operate even when there is a power failure.

  • Built-in power over Ethernet

  • Two-way Audio

  • Simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4

  • Tamper-resistant design

  • Powerful API

  • Comprehensive set of network security features

  • Video motion detection

  • Audio detection

  • Inputs/output for connecting additional devices such as external relays and sensors to activate light or open/close doors.

  • Pre- and post-alarm image buffer, securing images just before and after an alarm.


Additional Features for Axis 212

For the complete specifications, please refer to the datasheet.


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